Building luxury destinations takes inspiration and resources. Luxe Provisions provides them. We believe in the power of storytelling and the ability to connect people to places through carefully curated product and fulfilling experiences. We call this homegrown hospitality. From crisp, white luxurious bedding and the perfect soft white towels to unique hand-woven baskets and local finds, we transform beautiful homes, villas, and “private hotels” into luxury travel destinations. 

Created by Lisa Hackner as a specialized resource for luxury vacation rental homeowners to master the "new hospitality" vertical-to deliver the quality and consistency sophisticated travelers expect and the experiences they covet-all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. We put the power in the hands of the vacation rental homeowner by creating an even playing field. Vacation Rental Homeowners are competing with hotels, paying associated taxes, and, like hotels, have earned the right to purchase amenities and decor at hospitality pricing.

Unlike hotels with experienced hoteliers, maid service, chefs and various personnel managing 90% of the environment, when it comes to vacation home and villa rentals, the pendulum swings the other way. Guests engage with product in a totally different way and often are not pleased with the results... the home hospitality world lacks consistency, standards, and often, inspiration. Luxe Provisions provides it.

As a longtime TV executive with a passion for travel, design, and storytelling, Lisa left television excited to focus on a new career of developing short term rental homes. Visual storytelling was part of her DNA and delivering quality, authenticity, and good design was her goal. As she began her journey, she was surprised by the lack of luxury hospitality resources and benefits available to these new "private hoteliers." The support for the short-term rental home market was clearly lagging far behind its growth. When she reached out to top rental platform executives, they recognized the need and challenged Lisa to help.  

Using her own luxury rental home, Casa La Quinta, as her test case, Lisa assessed suggested guidelines, product, and costs to determine overall value and return on investment. She made it her mission to master the intersection between home, hospitality, and modern luxury, seeking direct feedback from rental platforms and guests, and adjusting as she went. After a time, she found guests were leaving asking, “where’d you get your sheets, towels, plates, baskets, rugs…and can I book now for next year?” There was something there. Lisa spent the next year curating the amenities and actionable guidelines for homeowners to elevate their game. Luxe Provisions was born.