What's standing between you and greater ROI

Vacation Rental Myth busting

“If I spend the money on quality product- from furniture to bath amenities- guests will just steal them or ruin them”

Guest take care of your home as you would if they see it is well kept and put together. For those that don’t, that is why you have them pay for a $99 insurance policy and take a security deposit, but rest assured they are few and far between. On top of that, quality product makes guests feel pampered.  Pampered guests feel appreciated and will come back.  These are the kinds of amenities that guests appreciate and illicit positive reviews.


“My home is perfect as is- I don’t need to change anything to be able to make it a vacation rental”

The vacation rental business is getting more competitive by the day- if you don’t make the effort, you won’t reap the benefits.  You are running a business- act like it! Take a step back and look at your home objectively as if you were a guest staying there- you may love those throw pillows you’ve had for years, but they might just be the one upgrade that will take your home from average to wow!


“A basic bed is enough”

Comfortable, lush beds and bedding make all the difference to renters.  If you are focused on ROI, these items are worth the investment and, frankly, for higher end properties, non-negotiable.


“The market dictates the price based on location and number of bedrooms-You won’t get substantially more if the rooms have more fashionable and regional furnishings.” 

On average, your property will be rented more often and at 20% higher rates if you are offering a better product.


“The little details don’t matter- As long as the rooms are clean and the home is secure, it’s as good as it will get.”

Details are everything- just look at the comments for properties where they have payed attention. Details lead to memories.


"There is no need to supply extras for guests, one set is enough - guests will just use everything that you make available to them and it will just end up costing more without any additional benefits."

Hotels have the most experience in the hospitality business world, which is the world you’re now in- learn from them! Their rule of thumb is- have 3 sets of everything from bedding to towels.


"Save money by using whatever you don’t love anymore from your own home-it’s a great way to recycle."

You’re the new hoteliers- put in the effort and reap the rewards.  Guests WILL notice older, used furnishing. Get the benefits of a business and buy top quality product at hospitality pricing from Luxe Provisions 


“If there are a few stains on the carpeting or furniture, don’t worry about it… guests are just going to stain them further.”

Dirty is dirty- and guests notice and will maybe even comment on it. Make sure your vacation rental home is as clean as a hotel would be for every guest.


“Family photos make a house feel like a home and we want to be able to enjoy them when we stay in our home too”

Have an owner’s closet that is locked for guests. Depersonalize and declutter the home for guests. People want to create their own memories, not see yours. Remember- vacation rentals are the new hospitality.


“You can’t go wrong with just a bottle of wine as a welcome gift- if anything at all”

Be creative and share a local product, a thoughtful gift, or a local guidebook for guests to check out… after all, they chose this location for a reason! guests will remember and come back for more!


"Guests are here to explore the town and they will spend a minimal amount of time inside the home, so don’t worry about their activities."

Travelers choose to stay in vacation rentals over hotels because there is more common space to enjoy spending time with their friends or family. They can explore the local and enjoy the home itself. Make sure to have activities for guests to enjoy inside the home from games to books to shared cooking experiences (cheese fondue on a cold mountain night!) and help your guests create lasting memories.  


“You can manage your own vacation rental and not waste the money on management fees”

While managing your own home is not a bad start, there is real added value to using a management company. Vacation rental managers are professionals who not only know their markets, but they can be available 24/7 for anything guests need during their stay. Not only will your home be more visible, it will also take a burden off your shoulders!

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