What Top Rental Earners Site as the Keys to Their Success


Vacation Rentals are the The New Hospitality. Families, friends and travelers alike are seeking out home rentals instead of hotels more and more when planning their travel. Bring all the comforts of home and the quality, consistency and modern luxury together to maximize bookings and return on your investment on your vacation rental property. 

Guests are 73% more likely to remember their trip if they feel happy and excited about it before it even starts- so give them something to get excited about! Ensure a memorable stay and make sure you’re getting the most out of your property by following these simple tips and tricks:

1. Treat your rental as a hospitality business. After all, you are paying associated fees and taxes, so start reaping the benefits!

2. Having a website for your rental property is a must and use social media to your advantage! Entice those who are looking to travel on instagram, Pinterest and Facebook by posting your beautiful images of your rental home!

3. Definitely use more than one listing site. The obvious ones are VRBO, Homeaway, Airbnb, Brooking.com and Trip Advisor, but don't stop there. If you allow dogs, list on Bring Fido. Make sure to also list on smaller, more local sites and listing agencies. There are three kinds of vacation rental listing sites- free, paid (subscription), commission-based pay per booking. We recommend using a pay per booking site so that you can list on multiple platforms.

4. Make sure to include all your amenities in your listings- jacuzzi, pool, outdoor BBQ, pool table, workout equipment are some examples. If you have child-friendly amenities like a high chair and portable crib, those are great to list too.

5. Get the best professional photography you can for your listing – a picture is worth a thousand words!

6. Hotels have years of hospitality experience- so learn from them! There is a reason they use plush, white bed linens and towels. Simple Luxury is the key.

7. Invest in new furnishings. Guests will notice the older, worn furniture and accessories

8. Experience starts inside the home. Inspired, regionalized design and local flare matter. Let guests experience your local region from inside the home by providing goods and design from local vendors and artisans.

9. Always, always, always prepare for every guest just as if they are a VIP. Make sure everything is clean and in perfect, working condition. Declutter and depersonalize, and make sure all linens, towels and other essentials are laundered and left out for guests to enjoy.

10. Go the extra mile- in fact, make this the new normal for guests! A thoughtful welcome gift and a comprehensive welcome book with a list of your favorite places in the area (coffee shops, restaurants, bars, grocery stores) gets their vacation off to a great start and lets them experience your neighborhood like a local.

11. Provide games and activities for guests to play. Whether a rainy day at the beach, or a snowy night in your mountain retreat, give guests activities that don't require leaving the house. 

12. Have a well stocked home. This means making sure guests have everything they need to cook a gourmet meal in the kitchen, enjoy activities inside the home as well as out and ample supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, extra blankets).

13. Quality towels and bed linens are crucial- the main thing people want have on vacation is a good nights sleep!! If you really want guests to feel special, this means offering luxurious sheets and towels. We love Costco and Amazon as much as the next person but, if you think guests won't notice the different or don't check labels, think again! 

14. Check in with guests to make sure they have everything they need and that all is taken care of… but don’t pester!

15. Send a quarterly newsletter out to past guests to update them about your property and incentivize them to return.

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