The Well Stocked, but Not Overstocked Vacation Rental

We asked the schooled vacation renter, Tammy Klausner, who has stayed at vacation rentals around the globe for her take on the well stocked, but not overstocked, vacation rental. 

There are some general rules of thumb for the number of basics (bath towels, kitchen equipment, bed linens) to have on hand in your vacation rental. Not sure where to start? We've got you covered! Make sure guests have everything they need to cook a gourmet meal and that you have enough linens in case guests request a fresh set during their stay. We’ve tried and tested this, from too much to not enough, to see what yields the best results and is easiest to manage first hand! See below for our stock list:

Bed: The rule is 3 sets of sheets per bed. Because of the makeup of cotton fibers, it is said that the fibers wear best when they are able to breathe and rest between each use. This ensures that the sheets you buy will only get softer with time and last you much longer! In the unlikely event one set gets ruined, you still have two on hand and don’t have to scramble in between guests for an extra pair. 

Bath: Every bath should have two complete sets of towels for every person the room sleeps. If a bedroom sleeps two, your bathroom should have 4 sets of towels available, if you have a ‘kids’ room with multiple beds that sleep 4, that bathroom should have 8 sets of towels.

Kitchen: For dinner and flatware, we like to say double the number of maximum guests for each item. If your home can sleep 5, keep 10 plates, bowls, forks, spoons and knives on hand for guests to enjoy their meals with. But, don’t forget serveware! Although they don’t fall under the ‘double your guests’ rule, make sure you’re stocked with the proper serveware and pots, pans and utensils as well.

Tammy's shopping list for everything you could need for your vacation rental coming in 2020.