Vacation Rental Re-do

Casa La Quinta

Focusing her vision through a “home hospitality” lens, owner Lisa Hackner took an older 80’s tract golf course home and created a formidable vacation rental outpacing the competition by +400%. Relying on her strong storytelling instincts and aesthetics, input from leading luxury vacation rental platforms, and feedback from guests, she developed a luxury hospitality destination.
Lisa combined all the advice she got from people in the industry and developed her own set of rules to maximize her ROI and stand out among the crowd.

 The 5 Rules of VR-ROI:
1. Focus on Narrative- Hone the story of your property and create a brand
2. Design Matters- First impressions matter-a unique, beautifully designed home is your most powerful weapon!
3. Maximize your Home’s Potential- Enhance and market its best assets
4. Maintain Hospitality Standards- Quality, Consistency, Modern Luxury are NON-NEGOTIABLE!
5. Create Experiences- From welcoming guests to enhancing their stays, create memorable experiences

Using these rules throughout her home, Lisa was able to create a vacation rental that outpaces the competition's nightly rates by 300-650%. 

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