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Bedding can be complicated, let us make it simple for you!

When it comes to luxury hospitality, finding a durable, yet, plush and cozy bedding option is the goal. We did the homework, so you can stop losing sleep and find the perfect bedding to inspire restful nights that guests will dream of long after they leave!

Cotton Sateen

Cotton sateen is a tightly woven fiber that is extremely soft and durable. Its smooth & buttery hand is sateen’s signature. The one yarn under and three yarn over weaving technique creates a naturally wrinkle-resistant texture. It is ideal for year-round comfort and keeps you warmer throughout the night. Cotton sateen's luster sets a solid foundation for any luxurious bed


Percale is a washed and woven cotton that provides a cool and crisp hand. Typically known for its luxurious “hotel bedding” reputation, percale has a matte finish and fine texture. This light weight material is perfect for hot weather and summer nights. Like your favorite white button up, percale will always prevail.


Linen is a generational fabric; it is chic, breathable, and one of the most durable materials in the marketplace. Yes, it wrinkles easier than most, but this is what creates the relaxed design linen is known for. The flax fiber is extremely light weight and releases moisture easily, making the fabric dry quickly and balance temperature in your environment. Linen is a great option for a villa by the sea or a desert oasis. Linen has a natural fineness that only gets better with use.

How to Make Your Dream Bed

Many people envy a “hotel” bed and its beautiful design. However, many don’t believe this look is achievable. IT IS! Follow these steps to transform your everyday bed into your dream bed.

First, you will need your year-round basics: Bed or headboard, Mattress and box spring, Mattress protector, pillow protectors and inserts, down or down alternative duvet insert, sheet set, bed blanket/ matelassé, throw blanket, bed skirt and decorative pillows.

Now, you are ready to begin

You want your bedding to be versatile and serve a purpose. Start with a clean slate (only the basics) on the bed. Begin with your bottom sheet, tucking edges under evenly. Next, bring the flat sheet to the top of the bed and cover it. If your flat sheet has a pattern or texture that you want to expose, put the flat sheet on upside down to show the detail after it's folded down. Next, layer your coverlet/ matelassé. Bring it to the top of the flat sheet and leave an inch in between the two. Do not tuck any of the sheeting/ coverlet in yet. Next, put your down or down alternative duvet into its cover so all four corners are meeting their mates. Fluff your duvet go get maximum airiness. Cover the bed with the duvet and fold it in thirds for a full, fluffy look. Then, fold back the sheet and the coverlet at the same time to expose them. Use the "hospital technique" to tuck all of the excess bedding under the mattress. Now the fun part, grab your pillows! There are many ways to display your pillows, it comes down to personal preference. If you like a relaxed design, begin with your standard or king pillow cases in the back and layer with standard or king shams. Put three Euro Shams in front on a king or two on a queen and place a lumbar or decorative pillow(s) in front . For the magic touch, place a beautiful blanket at the end of the bed to add color and texture! If you like a more contemporary design, put your Euro shams in the back against your bed/ headboard. Then, stack the pillowcase and standard or king sham on top either vertically or horizontally. Place a fun lumbar or square pillow(s) in front and add a throw blanket! Voila!

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