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Bath 101

Don't underestimate the power of a good towel!

Bath Towels are a vital part of a luxury hospitality experience.  Finding the perfect towel can be daunting. We tested for quality, absorbency, softness and luxury. Our goal:  Finding a towel that gets softer and loftier with each wash, and is quick to dry.  See our towel picks for all levels of luxe.

Become a Towel Luxepert...


Bath towel weight is really all about preference. We love the classic Turkish towel feel. Try Frette's Nico collection and fall for its simplicity and fast drying, Turkish technology. The 100% Cotton terry is perfect for everyday comfort and is complimented with a chic pique border.



Long silky loops yield a fluffier towel that is absorbent and fast drying- all the qualities of the perfect towel. Try our most lavish Frette towel for a super luxe bath experience! The long staple Turkish cotton makes them sumptuously soft and absorbent. Adorned with a classic border, this collection elevates any bath and since they are easy to care for and resilient, they're a favorite for hotels, resorts and vacation homes.



Cotton towels have the best absorbency for skin contact.  Linen are the best for the kitchen and a lightweight option for sensitive skin and a hot environment. Terry has unrivaled absorbency and is the most absorbent of all materials. It is looped on both sides and creates an infinite  amount of surface area.

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