Mike French On the New Hospitality Industry

Pioneertown Motel

With California's Pioneertown Motel and Washington's Captain Whidby Inn under their belts, Mike and Matt French are taking the hospitality industry by storm - offering something travelers seek out. We spoke exclusively with Mike to get his take on what today's travelers are searching for.

The French brothers are making their mark by restoring historical hospitality properties with a keen focus on heritage, narrative and design, bringing their rich pasts back to life. Read some excerpts from our interview with Mike below:

What makes your properties successful and keeps guests coming back?

Our properties really transport you into a different head space, which is the whole point of a vacation - to get out of your everyday and experience something new.

Why do travelers seek experiences over everything else these days?

Travelers seek an emotional connection and intellectual experience in a place that has history.  By reviving existing hotels and staying true to its brand and heritage, we're doing that.

How is hospitality changing in today's world?

More and more travelers are seeking that high-touch second home feel. A place that is in-between a rental home and hotel with all the amenities of a hotel and the comforts of  home.

Pioneer Town Motel, Joshua Tree, California

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